International Coach Federation Luxembourg

Annual Event & AGM

Dear Members,

The General Assembly of our association was held on Monday 14 May in the BGL BNP PARIBAS KIRCHBERG premises.

On the agenda that was communicated to you, there were several important points, including the change of the statutes in order to adapt them to the needs of an association the size of ICF Luxembourg and to make them comply with Luxembourg law on non-profit organizations.

The main points of evolution of the statutes concern:

  • the size of the Board of Directors: "5 to 7 members" instead of "7 to 9",

  • the office of Vice-President shall be abolished,

  • the obligation for members of the Board of Directors to be accredited members now concerns "the majority of the Board" and is required for the function of Chairman (President).

  • The introduction of a local contribution whose amount will be approved by the General Assembly on proposal of the Board of Directors. The amount has been set to 50 EUR and will be applicable as of 01 Jan 2019 and payable with the renewal of the membership.

The Minutes of this meeting will be available shortly.

Highlights 2017/18 :

1. Our association has 72 members as of 15/05/2018

Membership evolution :

At 1/05/2017 = 62

non-renewal = -9

new members = + 19

Number of accredited as of 14/05/2018 : 16 ACC and 17 PCC

2. The monthly events organised by ICF Luxembourg attract participants from the business world and allowed the association to gain visibility,

3. The Th D'Ansembourg events (18 and 19 April) were a great success and brought together around sixty people for the conference given in the premises made available by LALUX and 31 people for the workshop day.

4. The coaching information and awareness campaign, supported by ICF Global started in December 2017, continues until November 2018.

This campaign is published monthly in the Paperjam newsletter under the heading "Expertise/coaching in companies".

The objective is to "educate" the market, to demonstrate the specificity of the ICF coach and to promote our association for the benefit of its members.

Here is the chronology of the articles:

  • Ethics and professional conduct framework (12/17)

  • The coach's skills (01/18)

  • How to choose your coach (02/18)

  • Coaching: why? For whom? (03/18)

  • Coaching for the new leader (04/18)

  • Coaching and diversity (05/18)

  • Team coaching (06/18)

  • Develop a coaching culture - internal coaching (09/18)

  • Organizational coaching (10/18)

  • Summary (11/18)

You can read the articles by (re)browsing for them at Don’t hesitate to share them with your contacts

Outlook for 2018/19 :

1. The ICF Luxembourg website was developed in 2013 and has been showing signs of weakness for several months and its maintenance requires more and more efforts.

A new site is under development and will be available in the fall.

The site's functionalities will be improved, and it will include a finer and more powerful business directory.

2. Monthly webinars are organized by ICF Synergie (a platform of francophone chapters) and are a great resource for members of our community.

Registration is possible via the ICF Luxembourg website.

These webinars allow you to earn CCEU's for free and can be viewed on ICF Synergie's YOU TUBE channel.

Synergie proposes a FB page and a Linked In Group as well.

3. Introduction of a local fee of 50 EUR

ICF Luxembourg is one of the only European chapters not having introduced this possibility, which exists with our neighbor chapters and varies from EUR 50 (for smaller chapters) and EUR 175 (for larger chapters).

In return for this national contribution, members will benefit from specific advantages:

  • Free admission to most of the monthly events organized by the association,

  • Preferential rates on future activities organized by the association,

  • Reduction to some major events organized by the association,

  • Free registration to a more efficient and powerful business directory on the new website under development, giving increased visibility to ICF Luxembourg members.

In addition to the specific advantages reserved for ICF Luxembourg members, this local subscription will enable our association to increase its visibility, to invite quality speakers and to develop our association.

We need YOU!

Be an author and actor of ICF Luxembourg's influence!

We will soon issue a survey to gather the needs of our members in order to adapt our offer of services made available to them.

If you want to participate in the development of our association, several possibilities are available to you:

To apply for a place on the Board (following the GA of 14/05 two places are vacant),


Propose and coordinate a task force,

Propose and lead a workshop to share a skill, a tool, a know-how.


Link to the compleate version


Our ears are wide open!

We thank you for your confidence.